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Printable 2020 Calendars with Federal Holidays and Observances

A printable quarterly 2020 calendar with notes & holidays in a Microsoft word document. The four-page portrait layout template is best fit to be used as a quarterly finance planner. PreviewDownload

A landscape layout printable yearly calendar for 2020 with the US holidays in landscape layout Word document. The free template also available in xls/xlsx, pdf and jpg format for download. PreviewDownload

download 2020 calendar


A customizable 2020 yearly blank calendar template in a landscape format document. Download it without any cost in word, spreadsheet or pdf format or customize using online word calendar maker. PreviewDownload

Download this free editable 2020 yearly planner blank template in a one-page landscape layout word document. The blank planner can be configured from any month and year using the online calendar maker tool. PreviewDownload

A light blue themed, editable monthly 2020 LibreOffice calendar with the US holidays. The landscape layout template features space on the right for recording appointment or engagement and notes. Works fine when opened with MS Word or LibreOffice Writer application. PreviewDownload

Download and customize this large bix grid printable LibreOffice monthly calendar template for the year 2020 in a landscape layout Writer (ott) document. The LibreOffice writer template features ample space for everyday notes. Works well with OpenOffice Writer or MS Word. PreviewDownload

A landscape layout, one-page printable yearly 2020 calendar template with the US federal holidays in OpenOffice writer (OTT) format. A calendar template also available in portrait layout on the Excel calendar page if you like it. PreviewDownload

Download and customize the editable monthly 2020 Pages calendar template with the US holidays in a landscape layout document. The annual planner document features a big box grid which helps to type into the Mac / iOS iWork document vary easily. PreviewDownload

A landscape layout printable monthly 2020 calendar template for Mac / iOS Pages. The easy to write in long notes is the main feature of this Apple iWork monthly planner. It can also be best used as an appointment tracking tool. PreviewDownload

Download and personalize the 2020 blank yearly calendar templates for Apple Mac / iOS Pages word processor. The one-page editable full-year planner iWork template can be used as a yearly agenda planner by adding your custom events or holidays. PreviewDownload

download 2020 calendar with holidays

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download 2020 calendar excel spreadsheet

download 2020 calendar for desktop wallpaper

download 2020 calendar with moon phases

download 2020 calendar editable and customizable

download 2020 calendar with notes space

download 2020 calendar in portrait or landscape layout

download 2020 calendar with week numbers

download 2020 calendar for kids or kindergarten

download 2020 calendar with federal holidays (US)

download 2020 calendar for google docs or onenote

download 2020 calendar with julian dates

download 2020 calendar with religious festivals

download 2020 calendar for business or fiscal year

download 2020 calendar by month or quarter

download 2020 calendar with cute or floral design

download 2020 calendar for australia, canada, uk, india, etc.

download 2020 blank yearly or monthly calendar

download 2020 photo or picture calendar

download 2020 academic or school calendar

download 2020 family or birthday calendar

download 2020 weekly or daily planner

Here are the best collections of 2020 calendar templates available for you download or customize using our various online calendar maker tools. Most of our calendar templates. The calendar template downloads are available at free of cost to our esteemed users, though customization and personalization may be available to the supporter of this site. Our Microsoft Word calendar works nicely with other writing applications like OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Google Docs. You may download or print any 2020 monthly, quarterly or yearly calendars. Most of the templates are available in portrait and landscape format and can be printed easily on A4 or letter paper sizes. Many calendar templates are designed with high-quality background pictures which are suitable for any kind of printer. If you are looking for the template file in any specific file format like Word, Excel or PDF, etc. then visit the respective 2020 calendar page.

Our free 2020 yearly calendar templates have weeks that start on Sunday and are based on Gregorian calendar. All annual calendars in this page have the full year displayed in a single page. All calendars are free to download, edit, customize or print in Excel, Word, and PDF format.

The General Blue calendars are provided so you can plan, schedule, and organize your business, school, or personal-related activities. The yearly calendars come in multiple styles. For each style, it can be printed directly from the website using the Print button or you can download the selected style of the calendar in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PDF format. If you are simply looking for an online calendar to print, a print button is provided in each calendar style so you can print a calendar directly without having to download the calendars.

Download, customize, edit, and print free weekly calendar templates in PDF, Excel and Word. Multiple weekly planners are provided such as calendar with time slots, to-do list templates, and many others.

On March 1st 2020 I started 'Crazy Quilty March' with a Calendar of topics, and I've done one every month since then. It's a great way to have a topic for my Daily videos and we al have a lot of fun with it! Some months we also sew a quilt.

Browse through the calendar templates, choose an Excel calendar template that is best for you. Click the Download button on the template page, open the template file in Excel, and then edit and save your calendar.

If the school year is disrupted by emergencies and schools are closed three or more days, dates in 2020 identified as possible make-up instructional days include: June 16-22, April 6, April 7 and January 27.

Families, staff, and community members are encouraged to utilize the school year calendar to be aware of important dates for DCPS. You can find scheduled days off for students and teachers, District holidays, and religious and culture dates throughout the year.

Printed versions of the SY22-23 calendar are available at schools, but you can download them at the links below. The poster version is a large-scale, detailed calendar, and the at-a-glance version is designed to be printed at home.

You have the option to Subscribe to the Small Businesses calendar using Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 or Mac iCal. Outlook 2003 does not have the ability to subscribe but you can download the tax events from the calendar.

2020 blank and printable Calendar with European Union Holidays in Word document format. The calendar downloads are also compatible with Google Docs and Open Office. Ideal for use as a work calendar, church calendar, planner, scheduling reference, etc. All EU holiday calendar templates are otherwise blank, macro-free, fully editable and set for printing! All Calendar Word files are in safer docx format. EU calendars are also available in Excel spreadsheet and PDF format.

Here is the full list of modern minimal style printable 2020 calendars and monthly planners // 3D 2020 Calendar. Each November, we publish free printable calendars for the new year, so come back and visit, or subscribe to our weekly newsletter here! ?

Unfortunately, at least as of writing, this amazing calendar is currently region locked on My Nintendo and only available for download with Nintendo accounts registered in the United States. To check yourself to see if the reward is available in your region, click here to go to the reward page.


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